Last year I stocked up on all of the Christmas goodies at Lidl once they went on sale. Below, I shared my favorite finds that you should look out for this holiday season. Though I haven’t been out much due to Covid, I expect the same items to be available this year. Most of these items have come every December for at least the past 2 years!

Advent Calendars

I regretfully don’t have any photos, but if you see a Favorina brand advent calendar, you should grab it! There are usually two types- a cheaper, thinner calendar filled with only milk chocolate, and a thicker, more expensive one filled with deluxe chocolates. The more expensive one isn’t too much more (about $3-$5), and contains selections such as tiramisu-filled and espresso-flavored chocolates. The calendars usually go on sale as Christmas gets closer, and are really cheap after Christmas (sometimes less than $1!). I recommend buying them even after the holidays because the chocolate is truly just as good as Lindt and Godiva.

Dark Chocolate Rings

If you love dark chocolate, this will not be a purchase you regret! The chocolate is as smooth as velvet, and the nonpareils on top give it the perfect, crunchy texture. I may sound like a commercial, but these really are delicious!

Marzipan Dark Chocolate Dominos/Dominostein

Each candy is a layer of gingerbread, fruit filling, and persipan, covered in dark chocolate. While tasty, I did find myself getting a bit tired of them, since each cookie is the exact same. Nevertheless, if they’re on sale, and you like chocolate, fruit, and cookies, it’s a good buy!

Favorina Cookie Assortment

If you like versatility, this one’s for you! There are two trays of about 13 different types of cookies in each box, with 2 of each type of cookie. My favorites are always the chocolate covered cookie in the center and the chocolate covered wafers (notice I ate one of them😅, but they’re all good!

German Lebkuchen

The packaging describes these cookies as “glazed and chocolate coated gingerbread cookies.” What the packaging does not say, however, is that there are too many cookies to eat in one holiday season in the bag! As you can see from the photo, you get over 1 pound worth of cookies. The cookies come in various shapes, including crescents and hearts, and come in three colors: white, brown, and pink.

There are plenty more Lidl Christmas treats, but these are most of the ones I sampled last year. Do you have a favorite?

*With Covid-19, the prices of many grocery items have gone up, so I can’t guarantee that the same deals will occur this year.


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