A lot of my autumn pieces consist of yellow dresses and orange sweaters, and, though I love them, I have to admit I get tired of all of the warm colors. Blue green has been my favorite color since… forever (really, I’ve never had another favorite color), so when I noticed this dress hanging on the sale rack at Dillards, it was a no-brainer. Right away, I fell in love with the dainty floral pattern and lovely square neckline. I also happened to have the PERFECT necklace and earrings to match (more details below) so I figured it was meant to be.

By the way, I was feeling a bit adventurous so I climbed up this brick wall… it doesn’t seem that high, but it is if you’re trying to jump in slides!

The Dress

As I was sure to mention earlier, the dress is a lovely shade of blue green. The turquoise color is so bright that it almost seems summery, but the orange flowers and long sleeves remind you this dress is meant for a slightly cooler season. The buttons are also real, not decorative, which I love, and the elastic in the sleeves allows you to easily pull your sleeves back every time you need to wash your hands. It’s not the annoying kind of sleeves where every time you pull them up, they fall down, and they get wet and so forth! Perhaps the best part of all, the material is wrinkle-free! The brand is C & V by Chelsea & Violet; I love both their juniors’ and women’s clothing so I provided some links below in case you’re interested! I also provided a link of a similar dress, as this one is no longer available.

The Jewelry

A while ago I received the cutest necklace and earrings set: they’re blue green birds with orange hearts and a gold-colored metal. Talk about a perfect match for this dress! They are by Betsey Johnson, a designer whose purses and jewelry I’ve loved for quite some time. Though this set is not for sale anymore, here is a link to her website. If you aren’t familiar with her, I urge you to check out the website- if you like things that are girly and colorful I guarantee you will love her products!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you have a go-to dress for fall? I’d love to know!


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