As soon as I saw the Ciaté London Glitter Flip Liquid Lipstick, I knew I had to try it.  After watching countless videos of people’s lips magically turning glittery, I started to fill up my shopping cart on the website.  If anything, I was sure it would make an interesting blog post!  After a few days, I tried the liquid lipsticks on for the first time.  Now that I’ve tried them out quite a few times, I can tell you my final and (hopefully) helpful thoughts.  So, here are 6 questions you may have about the product, answered!

Questions & Answers

  • Do Your Lips Actually Turn Glittery? Yep… for the first month or two!  If you apply it, wait a minute, then smack your lips a few times, you’ll find your lips suddenly sparkling.  I loved that the glitter was “buildable.”  If you just smack your lips once, your lips won’t have much glitter.  Of course, the more times you smack your lips, the glitter they get, so you can customize your look. Unfortunately, now that I’ve had the product for about 4 months, my lips don’t get very glittery after smacking them together. This was very disappointing.
  • Is the Liquid Lipstick Easy to Apply? I did find this product to be a bit challenging to apply.  The doe foot brush is difficult to use to spread the product, but it’s not too bad if your lips are moisturized.  I recommend really layering lip balm on first-it makes a big difference with the application of this product!
  • Is This Product Drying?  Unfortunately, yes.  After a few minutes, my lips feel parched, and I have to reach for my lip balm. 
  • How Bold is This Product? Is the Color True to the Website?  Are the Shades Pretty? [Scandal/Cherry Red] As you can see from the photos, this color is pretty bold.  This would certainly not fit a natural look, of course, but it’s a nice candy apple color.  Although the color does look exactly as it does on the website, it’s not $19 good. 
  • How Bold is This Product? Is the Color True to the Website?  Are the Shades Pretty? [Forbidden/Deep Red Violet] This shade is just as bold and is also true to the website.  I really chose this shade because the deal was 2 for $12, so I had to pick a second color.  However, I actually love it!  Maybe I’m just out of loop, but I hadn’t noticed a red violet lip product before this, let alone one that glitters!  Some parts of my lip were darker than others (just slightly blotchy), but I was able to easily smear this out with just my fingertips.
  • Are the Liquid Lipsticks Worth Their Regular Price?  Sale Price? $19 each?  I don’t think so.  They’re neat and pretty, but they don’t have any moisturizing properties (in fact, they do the opposite!) and they can be difficult to apply.  However, they are definitely worth getting if on sale!  They seem to be on sale a lot, actually.  Though no longer 2 for $12, at the time I’m writing this they’re on sale for $9 each.
  • Would You Buy Them Again? If I lost my Scandal (cherry red) Glitter Flip, I wouldn’t be very sad, so I guess I shouldn’t buy it again!  Forbidden (deep red violet), on the other hand, is so pretty that I probably will buy it again if I ever use it up (it’s so dark compared to my usual look that I haven’t worn it much).



ciate london glitter flip forbidden swatch

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