A while back I noticed a new lipstick collection at my local Dollar Tree titled Beauty Through the Decades. Although I typically don’t care for L.A. Colors, I was interested in this collection since I have a fascination with the history of fashion and beauty, especially the 1920s. Though only a buck each, I ultimately decided to pass up the opportunity.

Fast forward to nearly a month later, my mother surprised me with a Valentine’s Day gift. Yep, the L.A. Colors lipstick! I received two: the 1920s art deco and the 1960s vintage mauve.

Well, it turns out I like them a lot. Both colors were a good fit for me, but they seem like they would go well with all skin tones. The art deco shade is a dialed-down red and the vintage mauve is a more nude brownish-pink color.

The swatch on my arm started to fade a bit after 30 minutes, but for just $1, I have no problem with reapplying the lipstick every hour. No, the quality is not the best, but, again, for $1, who can complain?

1920s art deco lipstick
1960s vintage mauve lipstick

Overall, I recommend these lipsticks 100%. What it lacks in quality and longevity, it makes up for in price and color. I hope this review was helpful!


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