Carytown, an artsy neighborhood in Richmond, is known for its abundance of unique restaurants. From bohemian cafes to modern bistros, Carytown will never fail to impress a foodie of any kind. When I first visited the neighborhood this past summer, I was especially interested in the galaxy-themed 50s style diner. I mean, is there anything more instagrammable than purple neon lights and vintage-style seating?

Well, I was not disappointed! I ate an omelet from their all-day breakfast menu at 8:00 pm along with some dessert and heartily enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I took my friend recently, where we both had a delicious lunch and milkshake. After visiting twice, I can say that the Galaxy Diner is in my list of top restaurants and I can’t wait to go into more detail!



For my “breakfast,” I ordered one of their 3-egg omelets: the Veggie, which contained: marinated tomatoes, onion, green pepper, spinach, feta & cheddar. It tasted absolutely delicious. In fact, I think it just might be the best omelet I have ever had at a restaurant. For a price of $10.99, I also got hash browns, a biscuit, and stewed apples. The food comes in such a large quantity that I shared it with my mother, so it was actually about $5.50 for each of us!

Galaxy Diner Richmond
Veggie omelet, apples, biscuit, and hash
Galaxy Diner Richmond


I ordered an $8.99 Veggie Wrap, which was not only delicious and huge, but also came with a side dish. I picked macaroni and cheese, which tasted very fresh (I think it was homemade). Again, the servings are very large, so I actually could not eat more than one half of my wrap (it is served in two halves).

Galaxy Diner Richmond


The Galaxy Diner has, of course, a very large variety of milkshakes (it is a diner, after all); however, they also carry a selection of unique desserts. I decided to try fried twinkie a la mode. I can’t say I particularly enjoyed it, although it wasn’t that it was prepared poorly, it was just too sweet for me. My next visit I decided to order a $5.25 caramel milkshake for a different approach. Now, I realize $5 seems overpriced for a milkshake, but they actually give you a large container of milkshake for you to refill your class so by the end I had 2-3 milkshakes, but could have had a fourth! $5.35 for 4 milkshakes makes… about a $1.30 a milkshake, a pretty competitive price if you ask me!


The menu prices were very reasonable considering the quantity given. Like I mentioned earlier, I shared my $11 breakfast with my mother and my $9 lunch lasted for two days. I recommend splitting a wrap with a friend-it will fill you both and save you each a pretty penny!

Galaxy Diner Richmond


Although there aren’t any floating UFOs or twinkling planets in the diner, the lighting, colors, and 50s vibe give the restaurant a very otherworldly atmosphere. With a menu containing many space-inspired items such as The Super Nova BLT and Boba Feta Burger, it is clear the restaurant puts effort in being unique. Overall, it doesn’t feel like your average run-on-the-mill restaurant; there is an exciting rush that comes with walking into the restaurant. Particularly at night, it does almost feel as if you have stepped from the dark night into a neon-colored galaxy. 🌌


During my first visit, the hospitality was not at all impressive. By all means, the service was not terrible; however, our waitress did the bare minimum and did not make much of an effort to display friendliness. Fortunately, come the second visit, our waiter was better, although I believe Galaxy Diner should get some tips from Sugar & Twine.

So…do I recommend Galaxy Diner? Yes! For anyone visiting the Carytown area, it is a must!

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