Okay, so Halloween was over a month ago, but at least it’s still fall!? Since I put much more work than normal into these photos, I decided to write about not just my outfit, but also my experience taking the photos.

Taking the Photos

Although I would have rather spent this made-up holiday at Busch Garden’s Howl-O-Scream instead of school, I decided to make the best out of the day and get a little creative. I got out my tripod, hooked up the bluetooth remote, and started snapping photos left and right. This was extremely difficult since I was trying to lay down while also taking photos, but after about thirty minutes, I had a large-enough collection of “acceptable” photos.

I used this tripod from UBeesize, a brand that makes affordable camera accessories. My only complaint is that one of the legs on the tripod has a weak joint, so it is a bit challenging to get the leg to stand the way I want it to. Although I ordered mine through Amazon, it is also available on their website, which is the link I mentioned earlier. My current tripod has bendable legs, so that I can wrap it around tree branches and poles when I am feeling adventurous, but I plan on purchasing a much taller, stationary tripod in the future.

The bluetooth remote is in my closed hand!

Creating the Set

Yes, I used the word “set!”? Thankfully, I already had all the props I needed. my grandparents had just given me some cute little pumpkins, so they came to great use. I also used some string lights I had bought a few months earlier from the Dollar Tree, a red tablecloth, and my favorite fiction: The Great Gatsby; that’s it! I set the cloth in front of my backyard shed and I was in business.?

The Outfit

Of course, I could never leave out my outfit! I kept it simple, since I wanted a lot of the focus to be on the background. My look consisted of just a scallion-topped navy dress by B. Darlin, and a silver necklace. I also didn’t wear shoes, so I’m sporting some snow-white ankle socks.

Happy Belated Halloween!


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